The Galbadia Bar and Lounge

In Association with Eorzea Garden

Address : Mateus, Goblet Ward 9, Plot 30, Goblet Southeast

Select Cocktails

Blood Currant Drop

Pallet Profile: Sweet, Tart, Fruity, Fizzy

-Fresh Blood Currant juice, Blood Currant Liqueur and Orthardian Honey Lemon Liqueur mixed delicately with bubbly Effervescent Water and Sun Lemon Zest create a fresh, sweet and snappy drink that is sure to refresh!

Vesper Bay Martini

Pallet Profile: Fruity, Tropical, Smooth

-Gin, Vodka and exclusive Chevalier Ishgardian Lillet Blanc wine are shaken not stirred with a splash of Blue Coconut Liqueur to create a sumptuous and sunny martini.

Highwind Aviation

Pallet Profile: Sweet, Floral, Citrus, Fizzy

-Gridanian Crème de Violette, Gin, Effervescent Water (Naturally Bubbly), Orthadian Honey Lemon and Thavnarian Lime juice are mixed into this floral, light and refreshingly sweet sky blue drink.

Smilax Ornata Crème Fiz

Pallet Profile: Spiced, Vanilla, Creamy, Herbal/Medicinal, Fizzy

-La Noscean Smilaz Ornata plant, Orthadian Sassafras and other spiced herbs are steeped and brewed with Ishgardian Birch Oil and Vanilla beans then mixed with sweetened Effervescent Water (Naturally Bubbly) and finally served cold with Vanilla Cream Liqueur and spiced rum creating a rich, sweet and complex beverage with an herbal medicinal quality.

Violet Prelude

Pallet Profile: Floral, tart, Fruity

- Gridanian Lavender Liqueur and Orthadian Plum wine are mixed with the fresh Pixie plum juice and Honey Lemon Zest in this subtle and floral cocktail.

Select Wines

Caelumtree Tree Wine

-A wine that utilizes several rather unique ingredients, including the sweet juices of the Caelum tree fruit. The resulting alcoholic beverage ensnares the senses with its full-bodied flavor and delightful aroma. Said to be crafted by the Vath, a beast tribe of Dravania.

Chevalier Lowland Red

-A full-bodied and dry wine with a tart fruity finish. The cold climate of Coerthas causes the Chevalier grapes to be sweeter than their La Nocsean cousins. This imported Ishgardian wine has a level of prestige that has lead it to be popular among Houses high and low.

Chevalier Lowland White

-A Sweet, fruity and smooth wine with hints of apple and floral honey. The cold climate of Coerthas causes the Chevalier grapes to be sweeter than their La Nocsean cousins. This imported Ishgardian wine has a level of prestige that has lead it to be popular among Houses high and low.

House Chevalier Honey Mead

-Smooth and sweet this new product from House Chevalier, has mastered the sumptuous and complex flavors of wildflower honey in this herbal table wine.

Mizuhiki Red

-A light-bodied, fruity red wine with tart flavors of cherries and raspberries and even banana. This wine is made with only the best Gamay grapes home grown in Limsa Lominsa. This is a specialty of the Mizuhiki Winery. Sold by the bottle and glass.

Mizuhiki White

-A traditional rice wine, also known as sake. Nutty, fruity, flowery and caramel-like (with notes of Rolanberry), this can be served warm or chilled. This is a Mizuhiki Winery original. Sold by the bottle.

Vintage Chevalier Heritage

-Both red and white options are available these aged wines are an expensive and exclusive delight, served only by the glass. These wines are date from before the Calamity and thus preserve the delightful flavors of the Original Chevalier wine grapes.

Vintage Bacchus Red

-A legendary wine of superb complexity and flavor, this expensive and exclusive wine is served only by the glass. Our vintages date from the year 1547 of the Sixth Astral Era and older.

Ales and Brews

Gridanian Oatmeal Stout

-A very dark, full-bodied, roasty, malty ale with a complimentary oatmeal flavor.

Ishgardian Feast Ale:

-Made with honey and spices this ale is fruity and malty with a variety of buttery, nutty, and toasty flavors. Well-aged versions may display hints of souring. This Ale is normally made for Ishgardian Banquets and festivals.

Ishgardian Red Ale

-An easy-drinking, malt-focused beer with generous caramel malt notes. Buttery or toffee flavors may also be experienced

Limsan Shandy

- A Light Limsan Pilsner mixed with Lemonade made from Orthardian Honey lemons and Effervescent water, this summery drink is perfect for those looking for something on the drinkable side.

Lowland Barleywine

-An Ishgardian hefty ale with fruity and caramel-like aromas, complex malt flavors, and as much alcohol as some wine. It’s usually produced in limited quantities for winter’s holiday celebrations.

Thanalan Ogre Ale

-Crafted with Thanalan Oger Pumpkins and spices it is rich, intense, complex, and roasty Deep Copper ale, this Imperial Stout has warm grain flavors that evoke malty sweetness, Vanilla, Clove, Allspice, Cinnamon and Nutmeg.

Specialy Drinks

The Death

-Served from a Black bottle that seems to be eternally dusty, this pitch black and brown shot bubbles and smokes like tar. Strong to the point of no distinct flavor.

Effect: Roll with /random and if you roll a 900 or more, you are happily buzzed at most. Roll under and you are immediately sloshed, roll beneath a 100 and you are white girl drunk!

The Ocean's Heart

-Served from a deep blue heart shaped bottle, this enrapturing beverage is crafted from the ink of a deep sea creature. Said to be a powerful aphrodisiac one should take caution before partaking since tales state that one can be driven mad by lust if ones desire are not satiated.

Effect: Seems to warm your entire body and causes a light pleasant tingling all over. An aphrodisiac of greater strength one will find their libido increased and quite demanding.

The Galbadia Mystery Shot™

-Served from an antique crystal decanter the glowing liquid has no color nor smell before being poured into the shot glass for its consumer.

With up to 20 different unique effects go ahead and take a chance and take the shot!

-(all effects can stack)
-(All effects are temporary)